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Can We Help You?:
Kennedy & Bowden offers a full range of services including design, construction, modification and repairs of injection molds for plastic parts. We also manufacture diecast dies and components as well as rubber and vacuum molds. We even have a complete tool welding department and stock a variety of tool steel welding rods. Most importantly, Kennedy & Bowden offers a commitment of quality workmanship and products, and a willingness to partner in meeting your scheduling and delivery requirements.

Injection Mold Design:
Our Management Team is comprised of three Mechanical Engineers with over 60 years experience working with plastic molds. Our engineering department works with industry standard CAD/CAM modeling software which enables us to design molds to exact customer specifications. Once built, molds can be tested on our tryout press for wall thickness, displacement, surface finish, flashing, venting, and number of other critical production variables.
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Mold & Component Machining:
Depending on job requirements, we use a variety of mills, lathes, grinders and EDM in our machining of steel components for injection molds, and can assemble into finished products as needed. Our Universal Machinining Center provides both vertical and horizontal maching capabilities, in addition to a fully automated control system for three dimensional copying of models and complex surface handling. We also offer a Vertical Machining Center equipped with a 35-position tool changer, allowing us to mold components without having to move from machine to machine. Our precision Universal Grinder provides convenient, single chucking OD, ID and face grinding. Regardless of tight deadlines, complexity or volume, Kennedy & Bowden prides itself on delivering project quality every time.
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Mold Modification & Repairs:
Kennedy & Bowden has the equipment and skilled craftsmanship to successfully repair or modify existing molds, as well as fabricate replacement components to precise specifications and exacting tolerances. Our array of inspecting and finishing equipment helps us ensure the high quality work our customers have come to expect from Kennedy & Bowden. And when unfortunate emergencies arise, Kenneday & Bowden is ready and willing to work with you to meet your contractual obligations.
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On Time Deliveries :
Utilizing the latest machinery and computer technology, we closely monitor the entire manufacturing process and schedule our workflow to meet and exceed the turn time demands of our customers. Our access Nashville's transportational hub for Rail, Truck and Air help us assure fast, reliable delivery to all parts of the country. We also have a truck available for deliveries close to our plant.
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Contact Kennedy & Bowden today at (615) 793-6653 to learn how we can help your company's production goals!

Our 26,500 sq. ft. facility located in LaVergne, TN was designed from the ground up for the manufacture of molds.
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